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Patch Test in Pakistan

Patch Test in Pakistan


We are proud to introduce the most advanced Patch Test Chamber, IQ Ultimate™, evaluated in international multicenter studies, We are Authorized Distributors in Pakistan for Chemotechnique Diagnostics

High quality patch testing for skin allergies

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 ABS-1000: Patch test commonly used series Australian Baseline Series B-1000: Bakery Series BS-1000: Belgium Standard Series C-1000: Cosmetic Series CAD-1000: Cutaneous Adverse Drug CS-1000: Corticosteriod Series DMP-1000: Dental materials patients DMS-1000: Dental materials staff series DS-1000: Dental Screening Series E-1000: Epoxy Series EP-1000: European Photopatch Baseline EPE-1000: European Photopatch Extended F-1000: Fragrance Series FIN-1000: Finnish Standard Series GB-1000: British Standard Series H-1000: Hairdressing Series I-1000: Isocyanate Series ICB-1000: International Comprehensive INC-1000: Indian Cosmetic & Fragrance INS-1000: Indian Standard Series 2008 IS-1000: International Standard Series LA-1000: Latin American Baseline Series LU-1000: Leg Ulcer Series MA-1000: (Meth) Acrylates Series ME-1000: Medicament Series MET-1000: Metal series MN-1000: (Meth) Acrylates Series, Nails MP-1000 (Meth): Acrylates Series, Print NA-1000: North American Series O-1000: Oil & Cooling Fluids Series P-1000: Photographic Chemicals Series PG-1000: Plastic & Glues Series PL-1000: Plant Series POL-1000: Polish Baseline Series R-1000: Rubber Additives Series S-1000: European Baseline Series SH-1000: Shoe Series SS-1000: Svensk Basserie SU-1000: Sunscreen Series FP-500: Filter Paper 500 pcs IQ-100: IQ-Chambers 100x10 tests IQ-U: IQ Ultra IQ-UL: IQ Ultimate AP-P: Application Device for RP: Reading Plate IQ-Chamber RP-P: Reading Plate Plus TRAY: Plastic Allergen Tray UV-LAMP: UV-lamp handheld CoT: CoT Chemo Cobalt Test NT: Chemo Nickel Test SM: Chemo Skin Marker - Regular SMS Chemo Skin Marker - Slim SMUV Chemo Skin Marker - UV

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