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About us

About us

Allergy Store is US based company with head office in Syracuse, USA,. We are providing Herbal Oral Allergy drops from last 23yrs to patients suffering from different allergies in Pakistan, Middle East and Afghanistan from the Allergy Vaccine Unit in Pakistan since 1991.


Oral Herbal Allergy Drops

(No Needles, No Injections!! )Now you can have it delivered to your door step 


OAD (ORAL ALLERGY DROPS for Aero  and Foods Prepared and sent by courier to patients in Middle East and other countries. These Oral Allergy drops are prepared from the FDA approved Allergen Extracts according to international protocols under strict aseptic conditions and under supervision of Dr.Shahid, who has about 13 year’s experience as head of Allergy Vaccine Production in NIH, Islamabad and trained by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION in USA in production and QC of Allergen Extracts.

Recommended by the World Allergy Organization and FDA to be safe and effective and minimal chances of reactions

Specially recommended for:-

-Small children,

-Patients scared of frequent allergy shots

-Very old people

-Patients who live abroad and there is no facility of injections

Specially designed Bottles/Dispensers for Oral Vaccine